Who do middle school students want as their math and English teachers? [NEWS]

20120510_yoojaesuk_topMiddle school students voted on who they wanted as their math and English teachers.

Educational specialists IVYTZ held a survey from April 26th to May 6th in which a total of 1,615 middle school students participated. The results showed that Big Bang‘s T.O.P was selected as the most wanted English teacher with 562 votes (34.8%) and Yoo Jae Suk was selected as the most wanted math teacher with 426 votes (26.4%).

Out of the students who voted for T.O.P, 309 of them (61.3%) said they chose him because they thought that they would be more focused in class due to his charismatic appeal and perfect English rap skills. Following behind T.O.P was figure skater Yuna Kim with 184 votes (11.4%). She showed off her fluent English presentation skills at the Pyeongchang Olympics Promotional Event.

In third place was Girls’ Generation‘s Tiffany with 160 votes (9.9%). Fourth, fifth, and sixth place were taken by gagman Kim Young Chul (7.9%, 128 votes), Thai prince 2PM‘s Nichkhun (7.9%, 127 votes), and gagman Jung Bum Gyun (7.8%, 126 votes) respectively.

Now, who did students want to teach them the ever so difficult and frustrating subject of mathematics?

It was none other than Yoo Jae Suk, who claimed the number one spot with 426 votes (26.4%). 284 of the voters (66.7%) said their reason for their answer was that they thought he would be able to explain difficult math concepts in a easy manner with his friendly image and clever use of words.

In second place was actress Kim Tae Hee with 292 votes (18.1%). It seems that the fact that she was the top student for all 3 years at her high school, and that she was a Seoul University graduate made her a sensible choice.

In third place was “The Moon That Embraces the Sun” actor Kim Soo Hyun with 282 votes (17.5%). Lee Seung Gi,who was once the student body president, came in 4th with 233 votes (14.4%).
Consecutive International Math World Cup winner talent Kim Jung Hoon (76 votes, 4.7%), J.Y. Park (56 votes, 3.5%), and Stanford graduate Tablo (56 votes, 3.6%) followed behind.

Who would you want as teachers in your school?

Source: TV Report via Nate
Translation: AKP & bigbangupdates.com

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