Final Fantasy XIII-2 Snow and Lightning Scenario Release Date

By: Banaz


And for the Final Fantasy XIII-2 DLC forecast, there will be some Snow and Lightning on the same day. Alright excuse the pun but it’s true, the Snow and Lightning DLC scenarios (as well as the downloadable costumes) are going to be available on May 15.

The Snow scenario, titled “Arena of Eternity”, focuses on our dear Snow and his relationship with his bride-to-be Serah. In this episode, details regarding how he became a L’Cie again as well as the mysteries about the coliseum will be unveiled. During the second half of the scenario, you’ll have to battle it out against the strongest opponent in the coliseum yet, Valfdor (also known as the Arbiter of Time). For more details and screenshots on this piece of DLC, click here.

Lightning’s scenario, “Requiem of the Goddess”, is said to be the last of the story DLC’s and will provide some more information regarding the game’s ending. It focuses on the epic clashing of Lightning versus Caius and features a different form of gameplay.

Besides these scenarios, there will be some new costumes available for download. Serah recieves a White Mage getup while Noel has a Black Mage themed costume. This time, our favorite piggy-kitty isn’t left out; there will be one costume set available for Mog that includes 16 different costumes.

All of this seems to be the last bit from the Final Fantasy XIII-2 DLC campaign and will be available on May 15.

Source: Final Fantasy Union

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