Hitman: Sniper Challenge Launch Trailer Released

By: Lauren Alessandra   (@fozzness)

hitman-sniper-challenge-launch-trailer-releasedIO Interactive has released a launch trailer for Hitman: Sniper Challenge; a bonus mini-game for fans who choose to pre-order Hitman: Absolution.

As its name suggests, Sniper Challenge is all about tackling targets from high places using your handy dandy sniper rifle. Your main target is Richard Strong Jr., CEO of Stallion Armaments along with his many underlings.

Sniper Challenge offers players a unique sniping experience filled with interesting assignments and creative ways to cover your tracks. Players will be rewarded for their efforts with equipment upgrades and secret extras.

Hitman: Sniper Challenge will be available May 15th to anyone who pre-orders Hitman: Absolution. The PC version will be available via Steam starting August 1st. A great way to spend some time before Hitman: Absolution’s release on November 20th.

Source: Gaming Union

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