J. J. Abrams Loves Uncharted, Puts Nolan North In Star Trek 2

By: Colin Tan   (@unartifex)


Nolan North has a part in J. J. Abrams’ upcoming blockbuster film Star Trek 2. Speaking with Eurogamer, North said that Abrams had approached him about starring in the upcoming film because he loves Nathan Drake and the PlayStation 3 hit series Uncharted.

“I just worked on Star Trek 2 with J. J. Abrams,” North said, adding “The reason I did that movie – it’s a very small role – but it’s because he and his son are huge fans of Uncharted. I met him doing some work on Super 8 and he said ‘We’re doing Start Trek, you wanna do it?’ And I said I’d love to.

“He’s a huge fan of gaming and he was telling me how people just don’t understand [the medium] yet, but they’re going to catch up. They don’t understand how amazing this technology is and it doesn’t get the respect it deserves, but if it keeps making the money it makes you’re going to see more and more people converted.”

North also touched base on the leaps and bounds that video game narrative have made in the last decade thanks to the creative effort of Naughty Dog and the Uncharted series, saying that the Sony owned studio has “really set the bar” and “it’s still going up.”
Star Trek 2 hits box offices next May.

Source: EuroGamer & Gaming Union

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