A Look At Lindsay Lohan In Costume As Elizabeth Taylor For Lifetime’s Liz & Dick

By: Jesse Carp

_1337733775A few months ago, Lifetime announced that they were not only developing an Elizabeth Taylor biopic but that Lindsay Lohan would be the one playing the iconic and troubled Hollywood beauty. Lohan, a more than troubled young starlet in her own right, was in negotiations to play the part for quite some time but the project never seemed to get off the ground while she, well, couldn’t stop getting into trouble. Now that Liz & Dick is up and running, those that were hoping that they would never see Lohan as Taylor are given their first look at the actress as the actress and it’s just as disappointing as many feared. She just looks like Lindsay Lohan with curly black hair.

Am I being too critical? Lohan recently made the image her twitter profile picture so is seems like she’s rather proud of the ‘transformation’ but I just don’t see it. It looks like Lohan decided to be Taylor for Halloween and simply threw on a black curly wig and a white slip mimicking (as Pop2It shows) Taylor’s signature look in Cat on a Hot Tin Roof. This photo follows right on the heels of the The Daily Mail sharing other photos of Lohan in various costumes but this is the first time she actually adorned the wig and brows.

I don’t want to slam the look too hard because I’m aware that this isn’t some high quality still released by Lifetime but a rather unpolished snapshot of the young actress in a costume fitting. I’ll hold off on a definitive verdict until seeing the finished product (or at least a polished promotional photo or bit of footage) but I wouldn’t say this makes me any more optimistic. Lifetime’s original TV movie called Liz & Dick will follow Elizabeth Taylor’s romance with two-time husband (and fellow great actor) Richard Burton. The latter has yet to be cast, and I’m certainly interested in seeing who they find to play the Hollywood legend, an announcement which should come soon since the film plans to start filming in Los Angeles in June. What do you think of Lohan as Taylor?

Source: TV Blend

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