YG Official Press Release: T.O.P casted in movie "Alumnus" as a master killer disguised as a high school student [NEWS]

news_bigbang_20120608_02Big Bang’s TOP (Choi SeungHyun) has been casted for the role of MyungHoon in the movie “Alumnus”.

“Alumnus” will be the story of MyungHoon, who follows orders as a killer who infiltrates South Korea, in order to save his younger sister HyeIn.

TOP’s character MyungHoon is a North Korean who endures training in order to grow and become a killer. He goes to South Korea on a homicidal mission, disguised with a new identity as a North Korean defector high school student. On one hand, MyungHoon coldly kills renegades on North Korean command, but on the other, he meets and develops strange feelings towards a female student in the same class as him who shares the same name as his younger sister.

This will be TOP’s first movie appearance in two years, following his excellent performance in “Into the Fire” in 2010, for which TOP played the role of main character JangBeom and won the Best New Actor awards at Baeksang Arts Awards and Blue Dragon Film Awards.

Following this, TOP received many “love calls” from the industry for dramas and movies, but while TOP was concerned about joining a production that he could truly immerse himself in, he came across “Alumnus” and eventually confirmed his appearance in the film.

TOP shared his enthusiasm for the role stating, “I was really drawn to the character of MyungHoon because of the fact he has the image of a cold-blooded killer, yet at the same time has an innocence that comes from being the age of a high school student. I’m already nervous about how to portray this.”

“Alumnus”, which is becoming a hot topic as it marks TOP’s comeback to the big screen in two years, is scheduled to begin filming in July.

Director Park ShinWoo, who successfully combined mystery and melodrama in the film “White Night”, will direct this film, which will combine action and melodrama, telling the story of a boy raised to be a master killer, who struggles with his identity after his heart is divided upon meeting a girl.

Source: YG Entertainment & Big Bang Updates
Translated by: SARA @ bigbangupdates | saraseoul

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