T.O.P Injured On Set of Alumnus

The poor prince.  I’m in love with him so forgive me.  Now, recently, according to YG Entertainment T.O.P (BigBang, 71: Into the Fire, 19teen) suffered an injury to the back of his hand while filming his new movie “Alumnus”.  The scene was a combat scene near broken glass.  A glass fragment entered his skin and was it minor.  Details of the actual injury have not been released but immediate surgery was taken place to prevent any sort of damage (particularly nerve damage) []

T.O.P to Resume "Alumni" Filming Under New Director

By: VIP4DAESUNG Big Bang‘s T.O.P (Choi Seunghyun) will resume filming his new movie ‘Alumnus‘ under new director Park Hong Soo. Filming for the movie had recently come to a halt after the previous director stepped down, however, Park Eun Kyung, head of ‘Alumnus’ production company ‘The Film‘ stated in a phone conversation with MyDaily on September 11th, “We will resume filming early next week with director Park Hong Soo.” Park Hong Soo has worked as an assistant director for projects such as []

Updates on T.O.P’s movie, Alumnus [NEWS]

Famous child actress, Kim Yoojung, and upcoming actress, Han Yaeri, confirmed to play the roles of TOP’s younger sister and girlfriend/love in his new movie “ALUMNI”. – Kim Yoojung is one of the most popular child actresses known in South Korea today for her appearances in several hit movies and dramas. She is known to be a huge fan of Big Bang and TOP. She has attended Big Show every year so far and has stated several times before that she would []

T.O.P and Jo Sungha casted for spy movie "Alumnus", filming to begin in July [NEWS]

Big Bang member TOP and actor Jo SungHa have been confirmed to be casted in spy movie “Alumnus”, directed by Park ShinWoo. A party affiliated with the movie stated on the 7th, “TOP and Jo SungHa’s appearance was recently confirmed, and the contract was completed a few days ago.” They stated, “Filming is scheduled to start in the beginning of next month and last for three months. The first reading of the screenplay was done.” The two actors will play the roles []

YG Official Press Release: T.O.P casted in movie "Alumnus" as a master killer disguised as a high school student [NEWS]

Big Bang’s TOP (Choi SeungHyun) has been casted for the role of MyungHoon in the movie “Alumnus”. “Alumnus” will be the story of MyungHoon, who follows orders as a killer who infiltrates South Korea, in order to save his younger sister HyeIn. TOP’s character MyungHoon is a North Korean who endures training in order to grow and become a killer. He goes to South Korea on a homicidal mission, disguised with a new identity as a North Korean defector high school student. []

T.O.P’s casting in new movie NOT confirmed [NEWS]

Several news sites recently reported that BIG BANG’s T.O.P has been casted in a new movie called, “Classmate” also known as “Alumnus” but his agency, YG Entertainment, denied the reports. On a phone conversation with Osen, the representatives of YG Entertainment emphasized that his casting is NOT yet confirmed. Just like his previously rumored acting projects, T.O.P is looking at the movie in a positive light. This would be, however, his first return to the big screen after “Into the Fire” in []