Sony Explains Why Disc-Based Games Are Necessary For PS3, PS4

By: William Usher

sony_43079A lot of rumors have been flying off the walls about the next-gen consoles and whether they will even support disc drives or not. Well, Sony debunked rumors that the PS4 would be digital only, but today they took it step further by explaining why boxed editions aren’t going the way of the dodo anytime soon.

Speaking with MCV UK, Sony Computer Entertainment Europe’s release manager, Robert Walker, spoke about the importance of same-day game releases across both digital and retail platforms, saying:

“The world is changing at a rapid rate and the appetite for digital content is growing equally fast,”… “We feel that the best thing to do is allow the gamers to decide how and where they purchase their content. To make that happen, it is our job to make our content as accessible as possible, whether that is at retail or via digital delivery.

“The more accessible content is, the more likely consumers are to purchase it.”

The idea to make things as “accessible” as possible is because apparently Sony is seeing a burst of life from retail sales thanks to digital content. The specifics aren’t hammered out but it doesn’t take a genius to figure out that a good measure of DLC or patchwork for a game could help boost its shelf-appeal.

Walker goes on to talk more about the future of the digital versus retail trend, saying…

“How [this space] evolves over time is very difficult to predict.”

“But what we can say is that as a business, we take this area very seriously, and have to make sure that we are constantly monitoring both technological advancements, as well as consumer demands.”

Electronic Arts mentioned something similar when gloating over the retail sales and DLC attachment rate of Mass Effect 3. Ultimately, there is a positive point to the marriage of digital content and retail sales, and it’s a matter of finding that fine line to make the balance work in your favor.

Sony has also been experimenting with their recent PS3 Ultimate Deals promotion, which sees PSN users getting 30% off the standard price and PSN Plus members receiving up to 50% off the usual retail price for new and old games alike.

I guess it’s definitely going to make the PS4 a much more interesting console knowing that Sony will be willing to experiment with the new and the old to keep consumers happy. That’s about all anyone can ask for when it’s time to purchase a product.

Source: Gaming Blend

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