Scott Snyder Talks The Joker

BM_Cv13_R1Do you know how long I have been waiting for the return of the joker??  No not the Batman Beyond Movie, I have that, but I mean the prince of crime himself!!  The comics have been lacking without him, I mean he is the joker, the Dark Knights nemesis.  I mean come on, this guy is the Joker!  The Joker will be returning to Gotham City in Batman #13 with an apparent “big, bloody axe to grind with the Bat-family”.  The issue hits stores October 10th.

The story is a five issue story arc and the reason he has been MIA is because DC comics wanted to put more emphasis on new and less familiar villains (if you ask me, Night of the Owls could [and should] have been shorter; it lacked the proper definition to keep me at least sucked in [and I LOVE Batman]).

Joker was last seen in Tony Daniel’s Detective Comics last fall, or rather it was just his face.  Poor Harley Quinn, I hope he saves her from the clutches of Amanda Waller soon.

In any case, Batman #13 will kick off the Halloween themed story and will tell us fans what the heck the Joker has been up to this whole time.  According to USA Today & Scott Snyder “He’s been setting traps, sharpening his knives, watching Batman and his Gotham City friends and waiting to strike at the right moment”.

His “ax to grind” also goes hand in hand with why he allowed his face to be torn off.  Oh god, that must have hurt.  Poor Mr. J.

Snyder’s take on the Joker will be a heavy psychological background and will delve into the history of the court jester and his relationship to a king, which is how he [Joker] sees himself serving Batman.  You know, by bringing his worst nightmares to life.

Oh I’m so excited!  Now this is an issue I will not be missing.  Yay!

Source: DC Comics Blog, USA Today

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