Dwayne Johnson Confirms He Could Play Lobo On Screen

By: Sean O’Connell

dwayne_johnson_31945Dwayne Johnson isn’t keeping it a secret. He wants to star in a comic book franchise (even though the Fast & Furious series is cartoonish and he’s already joined G.I. Joe). He even once mentioned that he’s inching closer to playing a DC Comics character, and now we know that the figure he has been circling is Lobo.

Johnson was participating in the Twitter-based fan chat #RockTalk, an ingenious way for the action star to interact with his followers. One person asked about the persistent rumors that Rock was going to play Lobo in a feature film, to which Johnson replied:

“Rumors of me possibly playing LOBO are true. Joel Silver and Brad Peyton working on it now. That could be fun.”

Indeed. In doing so, Johnson confirms an earlier story we had about Rock’sJourney 2 director Brad Peyton helming the potential project. The involvement of Silver as a producer means it’s more likely than not that this will be pushed through to fruition. Silver gets things done behind the scenes. So Rock could be Lobo on screen, soon.

What does that mean? Lobo has been a part of the DC universe since 1983, when the company first introduced this alien bounty hunter. He has been referred to as DC’s version of either The Punisher of Wolverine, violent characters who started off on the wrong side but find themselves occasionally fighting for the good guys. In the books, he has crossed paths with the likes of Superman and Batman, so it’s possible DC wants him (and The Rock) in the mix if we ever start combining characters on screen in an Avengers-inspired mash up. For now, this is the next step in a lengthy process. But Rock is keeping his name associated with Lobo, so stay tuned.

Source: Cinema Blend