The Magician’s Nephew: When are we going to get our next Narnia Movie?

the-magicians-nephew-narniaThe Magicians Nephew is the first book of the Narnia Chronicles (although it was the 6th book published), this is where and how it all begins.  This is the place where we see how exactly Jadis became the Queen, who she entered Narnia and it paves the way for why those children get there.  Heck this is how we learn how how the lamp post is in Narnia.  What this book as a movie would do is answer so many questions that although don’t need to be answered, pave the way for finishing the saga.  It holds so many explanations for the entire series.

In any case, I don’t know about the rest of you, but I have been wondering this myself: are we ever going to get this movie?  Is it ever going to happen?  So I did a little research.

As of March 23 2011 according to Movie Insider, development was supposed to begin in scripting, budgeting, casting and planning of the movie.  But we have yet to here who has been cast, if Lian Neeson will be returning to the voice Aslan and if Tilda Swinton will be returning as her role of Jadis, which would be amazing.

Maybe it’s a little too soon for me to be questioning it, but it’s already been a year since things were supposed to go into place.  According to Aslan Country the project has been greenlit.  Producer Perry Moore’s family said that he just secured financing for the next Narnia film.  That looks to me as though this movie hasn’t been shelved yet.  In fact a December 2013 release date has been slated.  This news made me a bit relieved.

I was, well am, worried because although the last movie, The Voyage of the Dawn Treader, did good, and received better reviews than Prince Caspian, neither movie have yet to come to par with the Lion The Witch and Wardrobe which has given Walden Media some pause. 

But the question remains, will we be getting our next movie?  I sure hope so.  In the meantime, I think I’ll watch The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe to keep my spirits high.  Lets cross our fingers folks, it hasn’t been shelved yet and hopefully it never will be.

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