Justice League Movie or Justice League Dark Movie? My vote is on…

1968048-jldark__1_I don’t know about many of you guys but I think a Justice League movie is never going to happen.  It would require to much money and in the end, who knows, maybe it wouldn’t even cover the cost.  The Avengers, look at that movie, how many actually had super powers?  Two.  Hulk and Thor.  That’s it.  Now look at the Justice League Dark Members, you have Deadman who is a ghost, John Constantine, Zatanna and Xanadu as the main ones and then Enchantress, Mindwarp and Shade.  I am going to focus on the main ones since the others are currently not in the comics.

One sees into the future, two actually have super powers, well, magical powers, which after Harry Potter, we know can be done and Deadman who jumps into others bodies and is an acrobat.

Now, that seems feasible.  It seems so feasible and considering that DC Studios is stupid and can’t get a damn good wonder woman (which really isn’t that hard) and insist on rebooting batman and superman (with a guy and story that doesn’t fit the part) and create a crappy Green Lantern (I love Ryan Renolds but that movie was just – no).  Come on DC get your act together, learn a thing or two from Marvel for the love of God.

See what I mean.  At this rate we are going to have 12 Superman Movies, 12 Batman movies, nothing in regards to Wonder Woman, maybe a Green Lantern reboot and no Justice League movie because they insist on being stupid.  It agitates me.

We have a John Constantine movie, which I love.  There ya go, you have a launch point.  Pick up from there and launch into something dark and of the occult that would last three good movies.  Heck in the second bring in Andrew Bennet (The Vampire who hates John Constantine and the feeling is mutual) and maybe bring in Black Orchid.  I say maybe cause she’s a shape shifter and she feels odd in the comics.

I think it could work out better than Justice League.

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  1. I’d be on board, Throw in Blue Devil and I’ll stand in line a month ahead of time. However, there is just one glitch to this… Most people (Which is the majority of movie goers) have no clue who any of these characters are. They Need to focus on the heavy hitters, and do them well. Then introduce 3rd tier characters like this.

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