Weeks 30 & 31 Pt. 3

TT_Cv11_0Teen Titans #11

Wonder Wonder Who

This was a great comic.  I liked how we finally get to see the true Wonder Girl and you  know what, she is awesome.  Question though why isn’t Superboy wearing his supersuit?  I like that suit.  Please god do not go back to the jeans and t-shirt thing, that was just lame and childish.  Anyway, I love how coming to her rescue in the end of the comic were Superboy and Red Robin.  I love Tim Drake and I kinda want Cassie to end up with him and Superboy to end up with Lori Luther.  No folk I am not going to let that drop, sorry.  In any case, this is a great comic, the character development, the writing are all done amazingly.  I mean I love it.  Casse isn’t a pushover anymore, she’s not whiny or such a worry-wort.  This Wonder Girl has strength and depth and is ready to lay down the hurt.  Best part about this comic is that she was rebooted.  Of course, I love the comic as a whole, not gonna lie.  Also Bunker and Kid Flash are endlessly hilarious!  One of my favorite comics of the new 52.




GLNG_Cv11Green Lantern: New Guardians #11

Operation: Agent Orange

Glomy is dead…that was the saddest part of this comic.  That aside, first and foremost I would like to state what I really like about this comic: it’s that it gives us more of the others lantern corps.  I mean I like that about this comic.  You have Larfleeze and Fatality and Bleeze, not to mention St. Walker.  But it didn’t only bring in the big names.  Fatality and Arkillo were not that well know, as well as Bleeze and the Indigo Lantern Munk.  They weren’t big shot lanterns, they were just lantern members.  But now this comic has been made into something really awesome and I love it.  Oh and Carol might be joining them.  Not sure why though, cause I really like the warrior Fatality.  In any case, onto actual critique.  The writing is amazing.  This is one of those comic that could be on thin ice if the writing falters.  They all don’t get along, which is why it works, because if they all got along that would go against why they are always at war with one another and don’t like one another.  That’s why it’s good because its not like something went wrong and they all said “hey lets work together to solve this mystery”.  No it was “get out of my way, this is my problem and I’ll fix it”.  And yet, because of Kyle, they stuck together because they found a common enemy, but you can tell they are totally starting to like one another.  But it’s still not cheesy because if you form a team, eventually you’re going to become a team.  Artwork is also amazing and the curve ball at the end, man, that was awesome.





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