Outlaw Star 2: Sword of Wind–I’m Still Waiting

outlaw_starI love Outlaw Star, as far as anime was ever concerned.  I mean I absolutely loved it!  It was a great show here you had a guy who isn’t a hero.  He’s not, all he wants is to help the girl find answers to who she is and why all this is happening.  It was a great story line and had a great premise taking place in the future.

I’ve always wanted a sequel, I mean the spin-off was good but come on, you can’t do better than the team of the Outlaw Star with the assassin samurai Suzuka, the were-cat Aisha Clanclan, Melfina, Gene and Jim.  They were a great team, an amazing team together and I loved them all.  They each had personalities that really balanced one another out.  It was great.

But I fear the sequel may never happen.  The sequel is supposed to take place 3 years after the events of the sequel.  But however due to the lack of franchise’s popularoty in Japan and the very busy schedule of animation director Mitsuru Hongo, no production date was set.  An das of October 2001 (11 years ago), Takehiko Itō commented that his team only had static, preliminary plans for the sequel series and that they could perhaps continue the manga series in the future.

Go online, watch it, spread the love and lets make it happen!  At least in the manga world.  Lets see this thing happen because it was awesome, it was amazing, and it was just breathtaking!  I loved this series, I love it still.  Catch some English dubbed episodes on YouTube, see for yourself and lets create some noise to make the sequel a reality.

…you know you wanna…

Or you know, catch it on Cartoon Network…


2 thoughts on “Outlaw Star 2: Sword of Wind–I’m Still Waiting

  1. If only they made ever made this anime or manga, I could die happy. We should like petition or something to show that it really is popular.

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