Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s was not Robin—He was Thomas Blake, Catman


We all saw the end of the movie.  Where his name was Robin.  Now anyone who knows anything can comprehend how incredibly stupid that was.  You could say it was clever but it wasn’t.  Dick Grayson was the first Robin.  Was his name Robin, um no.  Was it clever and ingenious that Christopher Nolan made Blake’s name Robin? Hell no!  It was so incredibly stupid.  They went through this whole charade of giving him the name Blake, the name he goes by, and he has this tough attitude, and he he shoots, he has no compunction of killing because he is a cop and if you need to shot to protect others, you do it.  The way the character was written, portrayed, directed and the name given all equal one thing = Catman.

Catman is a DC Comic character who isn’t a villain but not a good guy either.  He holds Batman in the highest regard because he respects him and what he does.  Was he a cop in the comics?   No he wasn’t, but given his character biography and why he has his own animosity towards bastards, it fits his character.  He killed his mother because his dad tricked him because he was a bastard.  His dad then proceeded to beat and abuse him for fun.  When he died, Blake the became an orphan.  But because of his father and those that killed his father, Blake learned because of this, that sometimes you need to kill the bad guys.  In the movie, he used his gun, he had no fear about killing the bad guys.  If it needs to be done he will do it.

I am an avid comic reader, and I loved Catman.  He was such a tough guy but you could tell he had a good heart.  This is a smart guy, a guys who liked Batman and in Batman R.I.P (pre-reboot) he was sad that Batman was gone and even thought of taking up the Bat Cowl himself.  The kid he saved in that same comic even asked him if he was Batman.  It was adorable.  If you can find that comic, Secret Six R.I.P, I suggest reading it.  In fact if you can find the Secret Six comics before the reboot, read them, you get a true feel on who Catman is.

In any case, Blake, the way his character was written continued to scream in my head Catman, but then the ending, the sheer stupidity of naming him Robin, ruined it.  You need to be a kid to begin as a Robin, 10-11 seems to be the correct age, you get trained by Batman, you grow up as his son.  You learn not to kill, you learn the true meaning of right vs. wrong.  That is how you become a Robin.  Whoever thought that that would be an awesome idea for the movie obviously has no brain cells and no respect for comics.  Robin was born from Dick Grayson, a kid, an acrobat who lost his parents, but who learned to  spread his wings and fly.  It was never just a name.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s was Thomas Blake, Catman, end of story.

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