Total Recall

TotalRecall2012PosterOkay, this may upset a lot of you Total Recall fans but, I liked this one so much better.  The political undertones within the story gave it more substance and I liked that.  There is a lot of building up to what is going on here.  And no there is no trip to Mars for which I am very thankful for.  This movie in my opinion was way more action packed.  As a story I think it carried with it more weight as well as more strength for this movie to make it on its own.  It’s not a direct direct remake which I think will please a lot of fans but I think it’s a damn good one as far as remakes are concerned.

In the original you have a very cheesy and then weird beginning, in this one you have a very action packed beginning, and the action just continues on and on, it doesn’t stop and that’s what makes this movie I think better, because it goes on, it’s non stop.  I liked it a lot.

Was it perfect, well no, no movie is perfect but the political undertones that made this story were brilliantly plotted and gave it more depth than I think the original had.  Cinematography was amazing and awesome I loved it.  Colin Ferral, although a good actor, one of my faves, seemed a bit stale at times which was a bit disappointing, but over all when he wasn’t acting like some confused lost puppy, he was pretty darn good.  Acting over all was pretty amazing and they way Kate Bekinsale brought to life being his “wife” was amazing!  That was one of the things I loved about it.  She is hunting him relentlessly, which is awesome, she’s not just there and then gone.  And the fact that Jessica Biel was constantly looking for him and goes head to head with Kate was awesome.  I love those cat fights when they’re choreographed so well and have good acting to back them up.  Over all.  I loved this movie and to all you original Total Recall fans, at least give it a chance, I loved it.  3/4 ★‘s and a “A”.

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