PlayStation 4—When is it gonna happen?

478px-Playstation4-winning-concept_cropTo the left is the concept contest winning model.  Now I think it’s a pretty cool concept.  But the question remains, will be ever get to play this game?  Personally, I think I would have liked a black and silver finish versus his red and silver, but that’s just me.

The PlayStation 4 or PS4, will be the 8th generation video game console developed by Sony.  It has been given the codename “Orbis”, which if you ask me is kinda cool.  Sony is still not making any acknowledgement to the console’s existence despite rumors that an unveiling would take place during the 2012 Electronic Entertainment Expo.

Back in 2011 Sony allegedly confirmed that the PS4 would be released in Japan May 16th 2012 and released in the US on October 23, 2012.  That certainly never happened.  So what the heck is going on?

Sony’s excuse for further postponing the PlayStation 4 is that is wants to make sure that it surpass the sales off the PS3.  Well, that’s likely to happen if they design it right and price it right.  Sony messed up with the PlayStation 3.  The used rare materials that were highly expensive in it’s design, removed the memory card ports, and removed the backwards capabilities.  They didn’t cover their costs and in the long run, that has really hurt Sony Computer Entertainment.  I like my memory ports, I don’t want to have to worry about deleting a game for another one.  I like to save my games.  As for backwards capabilities, we all love playing our old games, heck I even play old Sega Genesis games (namely Streets of Rage), but come on, having a console for each game is ridiculous.  I mean, I am going to keep my PS2 cause it’s the limited edition one, but as far as buying a PS3, not worth it, I’d rather just buy the PS4 which has been rumored to have backwards capabilities and play PS1, PS2 & PS3 games.

There is also speculation that the PS4 will contain forward compatibilit of the next-generation platform Xbox 720.  It is said that “this could improve PS3 games drastically: the level of re-draw being vastly improved, or the possibility of multiplayer games being able to feature sixty-four players online instead of the current cap which is set at twenty-four players.  This should utilize the PS3 games and modernize them to similarise the eighth generation games. But predictably, this doesn’t appeal to Sony as customers wouldn’t be as keen to buy the new games – instead just play on their old ones.”

I agree latter of the the statement, who doesn’t love playing their old games?

I know, may of you are reading this so find out when the release date it, but sadly, I can’t give you one.  There is no fixed date set for the PS4, Sony can’t make up it’s mind or figure out what it wants to do.  It’s relying to heavily on the Vita which isn’t really worth it.  However, Sony released a statement promising to reveal the future of PlayStation during a live video conference at Gamescon.  Is it the PS4?  One can only hope.

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