Week 34 2012 Pt. 1

BOP_Cv12Birds of Prey #12

Heartbreak & Vine

I love Poison Ivy. I absolutely love her. She is right about the team, they are no better then her. But that is shatters makes them a good team. They have this dynamic that builds, making them equal but also so very different in so many ways. That’s why I love these girls, they are friends despite what they say, and they do trust each other, but when they piss each other off, these girls will lay down the hurt and keep each other from going out of bounds. Katana kills. Poison Ivy kills. Starling says she won’t, but with her drinking and issues, who can say. Black Canary killed her husband. The only one who doesn’t seem to fit is goody goody Batgirl. No offense, but what is she doing here?

In any case this really is great comic. Like I said before, I like how the team is, I like how they seem to work together. These girls ready to kick a**. So excited to see what happens next. I hope Poison Ivy stays on the team, the writer has integrated her so well it would be a shame to see her go. Batgirl on the other hand, well…



IVAMP_Cv12I, Vampire #12


Okay now that was an ending I did not see coming. Andrew Bennett, Vampire Vampire Hunter is now the most evil of them all…& Mary, Queen of Blood, is now mortal. Dudes, now she’s human! Andrew Bennett took all the evil, from every vampire and every zombie into himself. Now he truly has become like those he was hunting. That was one heck of a plot twist. In the end, Mary really did love him. That much was evident here. It was actually quite touching to see her with a spark of humanity. I can’t even believe that everything built up to this. I did not see this coming!

This really is amazing comic, but can we please get a new artist? Pretty please with sugar on top? I just don’t like the artwork. I mean that is always my biggest complaint here. I mean, I wasn’t a fan of all those freaking vampires, to big of a thing to notice and little over the top. But that was resolved, they’re either dead or human again. Which is why I love the writing and still live the story. Oh and here’s something else. He bit Tig…at least I’m hoping that’s all he plans on doing. Is Andrew Bennett really lost?



FLS_Cv12The Flash #12

Hot Vengeance

My oh my, what a speedy comic. This one was incredibly fast paced. Thank heavens for that. I mean don’t get me wrong, but up until the previous issue, the fastest man alive was running a big slow as far as the story went. I get it, you want to build the story, but come on Manapul, it’s the Flash. Enough said. Luckily though, the pace has definitely picked up. I like how the Rogues have been put together. It’s unjust while leaving mystery to so many questions.

Now one of the questions I have is what is Captain Cold? Is he a good or bad guy? I mean his whole ex-team hates him right now, his sister included. But why, what’s going on? And how did they develop super powers that coincide with their names. In the earlier issues it was hinted that Captain Cold had something to do with that, but what? I mean its a bit strange, but in a good way because now there is new history writing to be written, coupled with a SOLID origin story here. Finally, if you ask me. But really, Piper is good now but does that also mean that Captain Cold Is too? I’ll let you decide. Me, I’m loving this comic.



GLNG_Cv12Green Lantern: New Guardians #12

In The Name of Love

Seriously, every time I read the title of the issue, that song keeps popping into my head. Sorry if it gets in yours too. Now onto the comic!

They can’t separate!! I mean they just can’t! This is such a great team and they have much great chemistry. I love what Tony has done here. I absolutely love it! But now he has gone and tore them apart. NO!!! Yes, I know I’m being over dramatic but it was just such a great team I can’t help but love it. Friendships were made and there was an understanding of each other that they finally got to understand. I loved that about this comic. It also didn’t just happen, it took them 10 issues to really understand one another. But now it’s over…for now. They are friends darn it, whether they like it or not.

You know, I think Kyle is my favorite part of this comic. Why? Cause he’s amazing. He made this team stick together, he lead them with a clear head. Um, if I ask super nicely, do I get my team back?




SM_Cv12Superman #12


I still say that the alien looks like a predator. Seriously. But anyway, that being said, is it okay for me to think that Lois is a total bitch? Cause she is. I mean its one thing to occasionally take advantage of Clark and forget him but she walks all over him in this reboot. I mean whatever happened to Lois and Clark? I know it’s a reboot but does she have to be such a tool? However, I do like Lucy, and before the reboot I hated her guts . She treats Clark with respect. I like her. I kind of want him to date her. I know, sounds blasphemous right. Hey maybe Lois will stop being a tool. A girl can hope.

Now in regards to the Predator-like-alien (don’t think Alien vs. Predator: Requiem), you have got to love Superman and all his boy scout glory. He understands the alien and how it fee but that doesn’t mean that it was okay to kill. This is Superman, the man of steel (if you are a true super geek you won’t see that movie) he will bring on the hurt. You don’t hurt innocents, and if you do, you will answer for those crimes. Don’t you just love the way comics can teach little kids lesson? I do!

Lois is my only complaint. Can we please bring some humanity to this ice princess character? It’s desperately needed.




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