Hashimoto: Final Fantasy Versus XIII Is ‘Incredibly Amazing’

By: Banaz


It has been quite some time since we’ve received some news on Final Fantasy Versus XIII (well, other then Yoichi Wada debunking the cancellation rumours). But today some word on the game managed to came through.

Producer Shinji Hashimoto appeared at Ginza SWING in Chuo-ku, Tokyo today to debrief some details on the Final Fantasy 25th Anniversary Event. He mentioned Final Fantasy Versus XIII and commented on its progress, saying “The skin has been pulled back a few layers. First and foremost it is important to bring out Versus. Versus is supposed to be incredibly amazing!”

True its good to hear that the game isn’t dead and canceled but after hearing the countless comments on how “amazing” it is, when will fans actually get the chance to see it for themselves? Perhaps it will slip in during the 25th Anniversary Event? Or make an appearance at Tokyo Game Show 2012? Only time will tell.

Source: Final Fantasy Union

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