Square Enix Reveal Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII

By: Darryl


After a ridiculous amount of teasing, Square Enix took to the stage today as part of their 25th anniversary celebrations. The major draw for fans of the future was a segment about Lightning and it didn’t disappoint.

Square Enix announced a new game called Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy, which will serve as a further extension to the Final Fantasy XIII franchise and will focus specifically on Lightning.

We’re told that it will feature a brand new story set hundreds of years after the conclusion of Final Fantasy XIII-2. To this end, it will feature a new world, new characters and an enhanced gameplay system.

Since the game focusses purely on Lightning, you will be able to customise her looks and combat style. The battle system is said to retain some elements of the Final Fantasy XIII style, but will be in real-time now, as you directly control Lightning. You’ll be able to block and even rewind if you die.

The game entered into production last month and is due to release next year on the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. It will see a definitive conclusion to Lightning’s saga – but not necessarily the Final Fantasy XIII franchise.

Source: Final Fantasy Union

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