Final Fantasy Versus XIII to miss Tokyo Game Show, Producer Shinji Hashimoto reportedly confirms

By: Erren Van Duine


Final Fantasy Versus XIII will be sitting out Tokyo Game Show once again, Producer Shinji Hashimoto as reportedly claimed.

UPDATE: Seems a user over at FF-Reunion was able to speak to Hashimoto today regarding the report from earlier. They asked him if it were true that Versus XIII would not be at TGS as per what people were saying online. To this he replied, “That’s right, I’m sorry…”

This news comes from Shar, a fan who attended the Final Fantasy 25th anniversary event, and apparently had a chance to speak with Hashimoto himself.

“I spoke about a number of things with Mr. Hashimoto today. It looks like Versus won’t be at Tokyo Game Show. They’re first putting all their effort info FFXIV and the Lightning Saga finale.” Shar later added, “He said that we’re developing it, so please look forward to next year.”

That doesn’t necessarily mean Versus XIII is out of the question for good. If you remember back in 2009 Nomura said the game wouldn’t be there, but it was in secret theater form. Perhaps something similar will slip in unnoticed once again – just don’t expect the game on any official exhibit listings.

As for Hashimoto’s comment of “next year,” it wouldn’t be too far out of the realm of expectation to expect the game to finally reappear at E3 would it?

Source: Nova Crystallis

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