Lawless_film_posterNow this was a good movie.  I really enjoyed watching this movie.  The movie moved at a very good pace, speeding up when necessary for the story, but also slowing down when it was appropriate.  it was sad at points, which gave this story more depth, like an incredible amount of depth.  It was a great movie.  Shia LaBeouf has grown so much as an actor.  There were many moments when I wanted to punch his character, because he acted the part so well.  There were gruesome moments in this movie, but they were few and far apart.  And considering the world we live in and the weapons used, it was realistic.  Life is gruesome, life is harsh, it’s not always going to be pretty.  It showed a darker side, a real so to the 1920’s.  It showed corruption at it’s finest and how high it went.

The movie was comedic as well, which made the ending all that much sweeter and balanced out the sad moments.  A great movie, based on real events.  Amazing all around.  3/4 ‘s and a “B+”.

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