T.O.P to Resume "Alumni" Filming Under New Director



Big Bang‘s T.O.P (Choi Seunghyun) will resume filming his new movie ‘Alumnus‘ under new director Park Hong Soo.

Filming for the movie had recently come to a halt after the previous director stepped down, however, Park Eun Kyung, head of ‘Alumnus’ production company ‘The Film‘ stated in a phone conversation with MyDaily on September 11th, “We will resume filming early next week with director Park Hong Soo.”

Park Hong Soo has worked as an assistant director for projects such as ‘Movie Is A Movie‘, ‘Blood Brother‘, ‘Notice‘, ‘Everything About My Wife‘, and more, and has also worked as an assistant director for ‘Alumnus’ as well.

Park Eun Kyung continued, “He has been with us since the beginning of the shoot, and so he understands it better than anyone. The staff members and the actors trust him and he himself showed ambition to take on the role. It’s not that we did not consider bringing in someone new, but we decided that someone on the inside would be most qualified.”

T.O.P will be making his big-screen comeback for the first time in two years through ‘Alumnus’, playing the role of Myunghoon, an assassin who infiltrates the South to save his sister.

Source & Image : MyDaily via Nate & Big Bang Updates
Translation: AKP

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