Immortal Hearts (A Vampire Kisses Novel: Book 9)

Immortal HeartsOkay this was a good book, it could have been better, but over all it was a good book.  Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed it a lot, except everything was a little too perfect.  I mean really, there was something when she 100% adored by everyone.  But now she has made peace with everyone.  Jasper and Luna are even happy for her and have no more resentment for her.  It’s as though everything for her is going to have the most perfect happy ending.  She is even accepted by almost everyone at the school.  Granted, it does show young people who consider themselves outcast that even for them there is acceptance.  It is a happy ending, a dark fairy tale.  Not to mention, even Alexander and Jasper are friends.  Everyone was happy and friends (except Trevor).  Where was the tension?  This was really a wishy-washy ending.  I mean I think my favorite part was that in the end she was happy with the man she loved.  It was sweet and touching and I absolutely loved it.  It was cheesy but adorable and I loved it.  Overall though, the idea that acceptance is obtainable I think is great for all young readers because it gives them all the courage to be who they are.  So overall, a decent book, great for tweens and teens who feel like outcasts.  3.5/5 ‘s and a “B”.

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