Jang Dong Gun Prepares to Steal Hearts

88816583Jang Dong Gun, the very handsome gentleman from SBS’ A Gentleman’s Dignity, recently had a photo shoot with fashion magazine, while keeping up with his very masculine and debonair self.

Marie Claire created a special BIFF issue in honor of the 17th Busan International Film Festival featuring the dashing Jang Dong Gun and introducing his new upcoming film Dangerous Liaisons.    (Isn’t there another movie titled that out there?")

The movie synopsis surrounding Jang Dong Gun, is that he is the best playboy in Shanghai who stirs the multiple hearts of women.  Two of the woman are the very beautiful Zhang Ziyi and the equally beautiful Cecilia Cheung.  Jang Dong Gun’s tagline in the movie is:

“If you’re a girl, you’re bound to fall for me.”

What a line, it even makes my heart swoon.  But anyway, for the picture you see that Jang Dong Gun is dressed in a spiffy black suit and leans casually against a leather sofa.  So sexy.

On October 4th Jang Dong Gun will be walking down the red carpet at he BIFF with his co-stars.  The movie, Dangerous Liaison, is set to premiere October 11 in Korea.

Photo Source: Marie Claire

Source: eNews World

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