World War Z Director Marc Forster Up For Disney’s Imagining Nathan

By: Kristy Puchko

marc_forster_33233Lately all the news that makes mention of director Marc Forster has been about his adaptation of Max Brooks’ novel World War Z, and of that none of it’s been good. There have been reports of seven weeks of reshoots, scribes being brought in to rewrite the third act for those reshoots, and rumors that Brad Pitt, who is serving as producer and star, has completely cut ties with the director. Though the movie is not due out until June of next year, its prospects are plummeting with so much bad press. So, frankly, it’s surprising to hear Disney is currently courting Forster to helm their original drama Imagining Natha

The Wrap reports Disney Pictures and Forster are in the thick of negotiations on the project that could blend live-action and animated elements. The story centers on the eponymous Nathan, who escapes into a self-created world of fantasy at the age of six when his parents are killed. But rather than being a tale of a child coping with loss, the story flashes forward 30 years, with Nathan diagnosed with a peculiar affliction that makes him see the world as a cartoon. A condition his sister hopes to help him overcome by confronting his inner demons.

It’s a strange project on several fronts. One, its premise seems dark for a Disney film, and with two adults at the center—even surrounded by cartoons—it appears to skew away from their typical demographic. Then Forster isn’t a director known for a strong or consistent visual aesthetic, so it’s unclear what kind of Forster film Disney has in mind. Something quirky but bittersweet like Stranger than Fiction, simple but whimsical like Finding Neverland, or something earnest and gritty like Machine Gun Preacher? Beyond that, Forster hasn’t helmed any animated efforts, so it will be interesting to see how much of it ultimately comes into play in Nathan’s world.

Source: Cinema Blend

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