Big Bang Draws Big Crowds for Global Tour in Thailand



Big Bang continues to march across the globe with its successful world tour, this time gathering a whopping 20,000 people in Thailand.

Big Bang last held a concert in Thailand in 2008.

Because it had been such a long time since the group had been in the country, fans who gathered for the concert held on October 5 and 6 in Bangkok welcomed the group so passionately even the blaring music could barely be heard.

The group started off the show with its opening performance of Still Alive, and continued to perform a total of 23 songs, including such hits as Lie, Haru Haru, Heaven and Fantastic Baby, as well as solo performances.

Fans repaid the group for their superb concert with a special event. As soon as Haru Haru started playing, they held up placards reading ′STILL ♡ BIGBANG′.

Many local celebrities such as actress Aerin Yuktadatta and singer Ton AF8 also enjoyed the concert in the audience.

Big Bang′s visit to Thailand made issues ever since the group stepped foot in the country. The group entered Thailand through the Suvarnabhumi International Airport, and fans had filled the airport′s every floor, from first to third, to see the group arrive.

A similar crowd even gathered to see Big Bang off to Korea after the concert despite the late time.

Big Bang is currently touring the world in the biggest global tour for a Korean singer. Every concert has not only been selling out, but has also been drawing many scalpers touting tickets with high prices. The group sold out a 24,000-scale concert in America recently in a very short time, and had to add an additional concert in California (and New Jersey) to meet demands.

In October, Big Bang′s tour will continue through Asia in Indonesia, Taiwan, the Philippines and Malaysia, in November to Los Angeles and New Jersey in America as well as Peru and in December to Japan in a Dome tour and Hong Kong.

Source: Big Bang Updates

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