Final Fantasy XIV “End of an Era” trailer scheduled to drop on November 11th

By: Erren Van Duine

The current version of Final Fantasy XIV will cease to exist as of November 11th.

If it weren’t anymore obvious, the FFXIV launcher was updated today with a counter that ends on that very day. It has since been discovered that a new trailer will go up around the same time entitled “End of an Era.” As of now the page linking to the trailer reveal has not gone live.

The closing of FFXIV’s version 1.0 marks a shifting milestone. Alpha testing has already begun for A Realm Reborn for users in Japan, and is expected to span to other territories within the next several weeks. Following that, the PC beta test will begin along with the PS3 beta test. Final Fantasy XIV 2.0 is scheduled to fully release by Q1 2013, and rightly so – it seems on track to do just that.

Source: Nova Crystallis


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