Could Star Wars Episode VII Be Directed By An Indie Newcomer?

By: Kristy Puchko

Star_Wars_Episode_VII_33974Buckle up, gang, because with Disney buying Lucasfilm and assuring three new Star Wars movies, we will be facing an onslaught of rumors of who might dare take the helm for years to come. Movie fans have already thrown out their picks, which include such major names as Christopher Nolan, David Fincher and Joss Whedon, but now a curious rumor suggests that it may be an indie director who caught George Lucas‘s eye before the Disney deal was done.

According to Celebuzz, Colin Trevorrow, who helmed the charming and offbeat romantic-comedy Safety Not Guaranteed, met with Lucas months ago, reportedly to discuss Episode VII. Their source claims that Lucas—along with others at Lucasfilm—adored Trevorrow’s tender tale of time travel, love and regret, and that Trevorrow is now a contender for Episode VII‘s director’s chair. However, while it might be true that Lucas liked Safety Not Guaranteed, and that he maybe met up with Trevorrow, it’s harder to be certain they discussed Episode VII. And even if they did, it’s unknown if Trevorrow is Lucas’ preferred helmer for the project, or more importantly if Disney would care either way.

With all this said, directing the next Star Wars movie would be perfect for an up and coming filmmaker like Trevorrow. For one, it would give him the chance to show a studio what he could do with a massive budget, and of course offers the opportunity to show the world what kind of storyteller he is. Basically, this movie could be a career maker. However, it seems unlikely to me that Disney would want to hand the reins of their new potential blockbuster franchise over to so green a filmmaker. Safety Not Guaranteedwas only Trevorrow’s first feature, and though it centered on the sci-fi element of time travel, it was a contemporary set film with little in the way of fantastical aspects, and not much action to speak of. In short, he seems a major gamble for the House of Mouse. Then again, it worked for Marc Webb— who only had the Sundance hit (500) Days of Summer behind him before taking on The Amazing Spider-Man.

Stay tuned. More rumors on this matter are sure to surface soon.

Source: Cinema Blend


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