Cloud Atlas

Amazing movie! Spellbinding, captivating and simply amazing. This movie was so good. Here you have about five different timelines that, at first do not seem to coincide with one another but do. What also made this movie so great was the cast. Yes, it is, for the most part, and A-List cast, but also some not American stars like Bae Doona who was simply amazing in her part. Moreover, another great thing about this was the fact that the A-List cast, while there to capture the attention of the masses, was simply not cast for that reason. This cast change characters and timelines throughout the movie and are able to maintain their chemistry with one another as well as define the character that they were. I mean it was simply amazing; the cast was amazing. They each went under such amazing transformations that did not disrupt the flow of the movie.

The stories themselves, in each timeline were so distinct and there was no central connection except this: their hearts were connection, and yes, I am very much aware that I just quoted Kingdom Hearts, but that was the underlining theme. Their lives were connected and influenced one another. It was simply masterful.

The movie flowed and the transitions from timeline to timeline were connected by narration which was compelling and scripted beautifully. I loved it. 4/4 ★‘s and an “A++”.

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