I have to say, I had a hard time getting into this book, but that’s only because the book was, is, so repetitive and there was simply too much detail and description put into this novel.  Despite that though, I reached a point in this novel when I was inexplicably enthralled by this novel.  The characterization was amazing, simply amazing.  Oh, and the detail, although sometimes needless, the times she described Lydgate “In warming himself at French social theories, he had brought away no smell of scorching”.  God, my new aspiration is to write like Eliot.  The dialogue, the structure that Eliot put into this novel, it’s simply amazing.  I mean, in regards to Dorothea, there is such a change in her character from the beginning to the end.  The subtleties are amazing (i.e “color green”/envy) and simply every part of this work was just astounding.  Definitely a book one needs to read and take time with.  Every word is worth reading.  4/5★‘s and an “A”.



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