Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII battle system customization recap

By: Erren Van Duine

The official Lightning Returns Facebook is recapping things once again.

To start the week off they’re revisiting some of the game’s battle systems, which were detailed during the Final Fantasy 25th anniversary presentation.

Hello! Today we’re looking back at the battle system. If you remember Yuji Abe’s presentation, he talked about “Customizing Lightning.” This mechanic is completely different from the previous two games. Not only in terms of looks, but the status changes will also be firmly established in the following:


You will be able to clearly see the different between these two elements! What kind of costume should Lightning wear? Everyone, please try and imagine many things!”

With the battles in Lightning Returns meant to be easy to understand, they’re not just all about customization. The marketing team also tells fans to wait a little longer for an actual gameplay video that will showcase the battles in motion. The next recap will also focus on the element of “time.”

Source: Nova Crystallis


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