Leads don’t need to be white males, says Remember Me dev

By: Eddie Makuch


Some of the most popular and best selling games feature white males as protagonists, but fitting that mold is not a requirement for success, according to Remember Me developer Dontnod cofounder Jean-Maxime Moris. He told CVG in a new interview that the developer never faced any pressure from publisher Capcom to change its lead characters’ appearance. Remember Me’s protagonist is a mixed-race female character named Nilin.

“No, we wanted Nilin to stand out. I think these sort of issues become self-fulfilling prophesies; people saying that only white males sell so then everyone only does white males,” Moris said. “If you start believing these things you get your head inside this cold marketing strategy that you cannot get your head around. It becomes a pretty f**king racist and misogynistic way of thinking about lead characters.”

Remember Me (formerly Adrift) is a third-person game due out in May 2013 for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC. Despite the game not shipping until next year, Capcom is already planning to spin the game into a “major franchise” and is even eyeing next-generation consoles for future installments.

Source: GameSpot


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