The Third Section (The Danilov Quintet: Book 3)

Book 3

That being said, there was a lot of character development in this novel.  Of course, as with any Vampire book, we know the story, they are cold, calculating charming beings that live in darkness and drink blood.  Those are Vampires, and as often as the story progresses, it is a bit hard to take them seriously anymore.  However, they have the allure that will never cease to exist.  Vampires are cold, calculating and charming, all of which Kent captures beautifully.  Moreover, what Jasper Kent has done is not reinvent them, he has simply gone back in time, to a foreign land and expanded on their history.  It is incredibly ingenious how Kent weaves together Russian history and Vampire history.

There were some minor continuity issues that bothered me bit, but they were few and far apart, however they did disrupt the story a bit.

Thrilling, seductive and new to the legacy of Vampires. 4.5/5 ‘s and an “B+”.

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