Han Ye Seul Mulling Return to TV Dramas?

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Han Ye Seul is seriously considering a return to the TV drama industry. The model-turned-actress has been away from TV dramas since last year’s controversy surrounding her sudden departure from KBS drama “Spy Myungwol.”

According to Star News, Han Ye Seul has already received an offer from an upcoming drama being produced by one of the leading producers. In fact, she’s received multiple offers so far, but hasn’t accepted any of them due to her role in the new movie, “The Dog.”

“The Dog” was supposed to start filming this year, but due to several management issues, the producers have not been able to get together yet. It’s resulted in the withdrawal of Uhm Tae Woong as the lead role, as he had to meet the timeline for SBS drama “The Hidden Story of Lee Soon Shin.” Han Ye Seul is still trying to keep her promise with the “The Dog” producers, but if the delay continues, she may have to look into the possibility of returning to TV.

Netizens commented, “We miss you Han Ye Seul,” “She’s so hot, there’s no reason not to comeback,” and “She abandoned TV dramas, no need to accept her back.”

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  1. We really miss you han ye seul.. Buta’k hamnida comebck to the small screen. . . Lookinq forward to see you this year . .

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