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Clan Night: December 1, 2012

By: Beyhan Moustafa


Welcome to GU Clan Night! Clan Night is an event where the community gathers to play one game together and every week we will post a poll in order to decide the game the community will play. The event is usually held on Saturdays around 10:00PM (UK time) / 5:00PM (EST).

The games we have this week are: Trine 2 (PS3), League of Legends (PC), Payday The Heist (PC), Resistance 3 (PS3). Also, we will be using Skype for our voice chat, so if you want to join in with that, you’re more than welcome.

For more details and to vote, click here. Remember to get your vote in by 4:00 PM GMT on Friday the 30th of November so that we have time to plan for the actual event.

Source: Gaming Union


Let me know what you think :)

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