Monday Night TV (8 Apr 2013)

Starring: Kevin Bacon, Natalie Zea, Annie Parisse, Shawn Ashmore, Valorie Curry, Nico Tortorella, Adan Canto, Kyle Catlett & James Purefoy As of this moment, the best part of this show is Jake (Nico Tortorella).  The progression from this sweet boy to this cold blooded killer highlights just how possible it is for anyone to becoming a killer because once that part of the brain is affected, there are just so many ways it could go and often times than naught, a dark path is walked. []

Friday Night TV (5 Apr 2013)

I love how the lawyer looks like the Lucifer with the horns and goat-ish appearance.  That in and of itself was great detail and I loved it.  Over all the detail that was put into this show was great. I love the acting and Sergeant Wu (Reggie Lee), I love him.  His character, however small, really does bring a lot to the table.  He doesn’t know whats really going on making him clueless, except he’s not really clueless and the last episode []

Tuesday Night TV (2 Apr 2013)

I love Debra Messing in this show.  I love the depth of her character and I love what an amazing actress she is in this show.  One of the best things about this show is the ensemble cast going on here.  Each one has a great dynamic with the other and overall I like most of the characters except for Ivy (Megan Hilty).  Granted in this episode I understand why she was so upset because she has all this tension in regards []

Monday Night TV (1 Apr 2013)

Gimmick episode.  I mean that was totally a gimmick episode.  I think it’s time to one last season when a show resorts to gimmicks like Judge Judy.  I mean really, I can’t understand it and I don’t like it.  And once again, the ending, predictable.  8 seasons, I give the writers waiting this long to introduce a gimmick but then again, they should not have thought that that would work.  This show as already renewed for a 9th season but I don’t think []

Wednesday Night TV (27 Mar 2013)

Hilarious.  Speedy and Arsenal are hooking up.  It’s great.  Being such a comic book nerd gives me such an appreciation for this show.  I love the actor that has been cast for Roy Harper.  Not a fan of Dinah‘s mother.  She is a selfish woman and ya know, I can’t feel bad for her character because she screwed both her daughters and that, well that is just not good parenting.  The flashback sequence was amazing and I loved it.  I loved every []

Monday Night TV (25 Mar 2013)

I don’t know what to say about this episode…or this show.  I like this show but at this point in time, it’s just the same thing after the same thing, they are trying to solve a crime, a mystery with a bunch a twists and turns.  At this point in the show, the endings have become predictable, I know who the murderer was in the end.  It was predictable, just like last week.  I don’t know anymore, I watch it because I’m []

Monday Night TV (11 Mar 2013)

Well Emma (Valorie Curry) is a bit of a slut isn’t she.  That being said, it was incredibly interesting.  Although it bothers me that after the string of shooting in the world that television shows about serial killers and cult formations have become mainstream, they do highlight a nerve in our society that most would wish to ignore.These concepts are based in reality, making them all the more frighting and thrilling, keeping me enthralled.  This episode was lacking a bit and the []

Monday Night TV (4 Mar 2013)

Powerful episode.   The topic of child soldiers was intense and I applaud the actors on the way the emotions that they were able to get across in this show.  Incredibly touching.  Acting wise it was a good as well.  A very powerful episode and that truly gripped me.  Story wise, I really have nothing else to say on this episode because of the gripping situation of the show.  Also, considering how repetitive the shows essence feels to me, there isn’t much there else I []

Monday Night TV (18 Feb 2013)

Bones can be so clueless sometimes.  I mean she doesn’t know about Gilligan’s Island or that it is inappropriate to talk about to talk about someone else’s daughter having sex in front of them.  Wow, right when I think she has progressed to a certain degree of social ability she takes ten steps.  But that is her character I guess so there really is nothing we can do about that.  I feel like the writers are trying a little too hard with her character []

Thursday Night TV (31 Jan 2013)

All right, to sum up here, Jeremy and Elena are planning on killing an original vampire, non-other than Kol (hoped I spelled that right).  Needless to say they succeeded in killing him and then in killing everyone he has ever turned.  All right, so it wasn’t a bad plan, it did save a  lot of innocent people from Klaus so that was a good thing, but overall, I mean I like this show, it’s interesting the direction it has taken and don’t []