The Omnivore’s Dilemma

Oh my lord, now this was one intense novel, I have started to eat less meat because of this book.   It is not like one big giant article where the author gives you statistics and facts sucking out all enjoyment from from the piece.  Michael Pollan does not just give you facts and statistics.  He integrates you into the world that is the industry of food.  I learned so much from this novel about the industry and how the industry has affected the food industry in both artificial foods and the organic food market.  Because of this novel, I have a more in-depth knowledge of how the industry works, and it was a bit frightening.  Pollan personalizes his ideas within the novel; he gives us the facts straight up, but also from his own personal perspective.

If you love meat and do not want to think about the industry, do not read this book.  It does change you and you are eating habits, it has already changed mine.  For me there is no more meat from places unless they raise the pigs and cattle on a farm…like Chipolte5/5 ’s and an “A+.

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