The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey (Pt. 1)


There and back again…oh my lord this was a great movie. Peter Jackson has once again done it again. He has taken a great work of fiction and turned it into a visual masterpiece. The cinematography was, needless to say, brilliant and mesmerizing. I mean this really was a great adaptation, I felt like I was reading the book. There was, however, addition of scenes that were not in the book, like the scene with Cate Blanchet, which was not in the book at all. That being said, I had no issue with it being in the book because it worked as a great transition scene. However, if Peter Jackson is going to do a lot of that just to make this another trilogy, I have some issues with that. Do I agree that this book cannot be done in justice in just one movie? Yes. Do I agree that it should be three? Good heavens no. I think two 3-hour movies is enough to capture this book. Yes, a lot happens, but this book is still smaller than each one of The Lord of the Rings novels’. Therefore, I have some reservations of how this is going to be done in the first place to be quite honest. Do I have confidence in Peter Jackson, of course. I mean he is amazing.

But I went off on a tangent, again…my apologies. Back to the movie. Honestly, I would watch this movie repeatedly, and heck I even waited to see it when I got back home to see it in a huge IMAX screen. Best way to watch this amazing movie. The acting, the special effects and narration was just…I can’t even find the words without sounding even more redundant. This is a magnificent movie and all I can say is watch it. Acting, special effects, cinematography and how it just plays out from beginning to end, were all done splendidly. This was a great adaptation. 4/4 ‘s and an “A++”.

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