TantalizeBy far a very interesting take the supernatural being accepted in society and culture.  But what this novel also does is deal with death.  Also the sacrificial aspect of the story was equally done well.  The title of the book does sum of the book very well.  Like the title of this book, Tantalize was supremely tantalizing with the concept of unrequited love and passion.

Characterization was definitely a minor setback in the novel.  Not to say that the characters were not defined well, but I enjoyed reading them.

After all, you have Quince Morris, a workaholic student who upon the death of her parents has been sent to live with her uncle.  But as she starts to work, and basically run the restaurant that was owned by her parents.  But then a darker side of the restaurant rises as the chef is murdered and a darker character comes into the story and a love story ensues.  In her characterization and in her struggle between light and darkness, and love and lust, we get a better understanding of who she is.  She builds the story and projects it forward, creating a tantalizing story.  But, along the way, the story lost me, it dragged out, and it seemed to become a little too melodramatic, especially at the end when Quince made her decision and chose.  It was also too easy of an ending and should have developed more, becoming more concrete.  3/5 ★‘s and a “C+”.


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