Hearne fails when Atticus needs him most | Review of ‘Hammered’ (Iron Druid Chronicles, #3)

By: Cynthia Ayala

Thor, the Norse god of Thunder, isn’t all he’s cracked up to be. And Leif Helgarson, Atticus’s vampire lawyer has decided to take him on…dragging Atticus along with him. Atticus has always made it his goal to avoid the big bloke, but ever since he killed a god, his life has become incredibly difficult leaving him with little choice but to take on the Thunder God. Well, things have gotten too complicated for Atticus O’Sullivan.

Hammered the third novel in the Iron Druid Chronicles, written by Kevin Hearne and published on July 5, 2011 by Random House Publishing Group, taking on a more serious tone within the urban fantasy and comedic value. However, the seriousness within the novel outweighs the humor that Hearne has built up with the previous two novels in the series. Nevertheless, this does not diminish the characterization of the novel itself.

Primarily, this novel, while written well, drags on. Yes, there is a story being told here but there is so much that happens that has no reasoning behind it other than to prolong the plotline. There were many new characters introduced but even they had such short lifespans within the plot line, an unfortunate aspect considering they were very interesting characters with interesting backstories.

Hearne really has a talent for characterization, even with a story with such a serious note and so much death – yes death, those Valkyries are ruthless – characters can retain their light sarcastic humorous sides. Take Atticus, the main protagonist. This is a character that is beyond exhausted with the role he must play in the events surrounding him, but even when he’s being serious, which happens a lot throughout the novel, his narrative and characterization make the reader smile.

However, while the characterization is amazing, the novel just comes off as tedious. The rate at which events unfold are dragged out with tedious events that hold nothing for the story. It was a good book, but readers be warned, there is so much that occurs that makes reading this novel, well, boring. (C – )

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