Success! Making My Way into Publishing

A few months ago, I published my first novel Blood Hunger on the Kindle and Nook eBook stores. I also printed copies due to a surprising amount of support and word of mouth and have sold a little over a hundred copies. Not a lot in the publishing world, but for me, a self-publisher, that is enough for me. Now that I am back in college, I have continued to learn about marketing and publicizing my novel, learning the ways of the amazing InDesign and self-publishing business.

In January, I did send in a number of forms requesting consideration from Barnes & Noble and I finally heard back. I got a promising letter saying that they would love to stock my novel in their distribution network. For a moment there, I had given up hope by the lack of response and doubted that my novel would ever be available at my favorite bookstore as anything over than an eBook. But I have seen the light and I am tentatively making my way towards it.

Making it in the publishing business is far from easy. After working Carolyn Jenks Agency, a literary agency, as a query reader, I see how difficult it is for writers to really make it in the world. Do I expect my novel to me a NYT Bestseller? No. Would it be nice? Definitely, but as long as I get my writing out there, as long as readers are able to have access to my novel and like it, that is all I really care about. Which is why I have my own website ( to sell my novel and why I have also published a hardcover version on

But this is the proof, I am the proof that hard work pays off, that you can’t give up. Am I selling so much? No, but I am selling enough, I am marketing it and publicizing it. I am making it work. My novel is getting out there and Barnes & Noble acceptance is a key move in making my mark in the world.

Wish me luck!

Let me know what you think :)

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