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Tag: Angelic Mythology

“The House of Shattered Wings” Is Historical Fiction With a Divine Twist (Dominion of the Fallen #1) – Emertainment Monthly

“The House of Shattered Wings” takes the historical novel into new territory, combining angelic mythology and urban fantasy to make a fascinating mystery story[…]

Weekly Reading List #11

Having trouble deciding on what to read next? Well check out what’s on my reading list, why I’m interested and what they are about.

Success! Making My Way into Publishing

Blood Hunger will be coming to a Barnes and Noble near you! Barnes & Noble has [tentatively] accepted my novel into their distribution network. This means that once they have the contract I signed alongside my W-9 form. Anyone can make it, all it takes is perseverance and hard work.


Check out one of my earlier short stories that served as the inspiration for my upcoming novel ‘Blood Hunger’, now available on the Kindle and Nook and on Pre-Order status at

‘Blood Hunger’ (Eclipsing Trilogy, #1) – Now Available on the Kindle & Nook

Blood Hunger (Eclipsing Trilogy, #1) follows two young Witches, brother and sister, who find themselves drawn into this unknown war between the vengeful Goddess of Darkness and her sister, the loving (if not slightly mad) Goddess of Light. The novel follows them on their adventure as they leave home for the first time and discover the world around them, as well as their darker inhibitions

The Captivating Finale of the Fallen Series | Review of Rapture (Fallen, #4)

The final novel in the Fallen Series by Lauren Kate. Rapture continues to tell the story of Lucinda and Daniel, two lovers caught in an affair that has tortured them through the centuries. This novel concludes this story, revealing the secrets behind the curse that has haunted them forever. Read here for the full review.

Time changes all | Cyn’s Book Review of Passion (Fallen, #3)

The third novel in the Fallen series, Passion finally brings back the spark that was lacking in Torment (Fallen, #2).

Picking up where the last book left off, Lucida is traveling through Announcers, shadows that watch and capture life-like a camera. However, for Lucinda, they serve as portals through time. Her goal: to discover the ins and outs of the curse that keeps her from Daniel and life.