The Perfect Television Wonder Woman? Gina Carano

By Cynthia Ayala

With the rise of superhero popularity rising, both on the big screen and the small screen, so is women empowerment via the superhero medium. And with Supergirl, that show is all about girl power which is incredibly powerful given that, while society has come far in the way of equality, women are still thought of as the lesser gender.

But with Supergirl comes this incredible opportunity to bring the queen of female empowerment onto the small screen once again: Wonder Woman, and the perfect person for that role? Gina Carano.

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There is no doubt about it, Gina Carano is the perfect person to play Wonder Woman and I have thought that since Haywire was released in theaters. After seeing her performance back in 2011 I left the theater saying “that woman would make a great Wonder Woman”. Before any talk happened with casting Wonder Woman on the big screen, she was my thought. She looks like Wonder Woman, she has the grace and strength of the character, Carano just embodies everything that Wonder Woman stands for.

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Just look at her performance as Mallory Kane in Haywire, she is a strong woman, one who can dish out the punches and take them too. You look at her and you know that you should be very scared of her, just like Wonder Woman. Additionally, she has the grace, beauty and compassion of Wonder Woman. In Haywire, she has scenes that just capture her beauty and grace, and lets not forget the fact that she still kicks a** in those dresses. Carano is a bombshell, just like Wonder Woman and has the build of her. Again, in Haywire, there is the softer side of her, the side that gives her heart wholly and completely, just like Wonder Woman.

Have I convinced you yet?

Even if you don’t believe Gina Carano would make the best recurring guest role as Wonder Woman—which I think is a mistake, the woman is PERFECT—adding Wonder Woman to the roster would be amazing because in the comics, these girls have such a strong bond. Wonder Woman gives Supergirl the guiding hand she needs without treating her like a child. She is the mentor the girl needs, someone who grounds her, teaches her how to fight and has the required distance from her to make her opinion matter. She’s not family to Supergirl like Superman who tends to baby her because he cares so much, but she is the maternal person that Supergirl needs in her life who will be objective to Supergirl. Wonder Woman trains Supergirl how to fight, she builds this strong relationship with her, and when push comes to shove, this is a woman who can take down Superman so handling Supergirl when she’s being “emotional”.

There is also the added element of Max Lord being such an integral part of Supergirl. Max Lord and Wonder Woman have a very complicated relationship. While the show so far hasn’t touched upon him having mind control powers, he does like to experiment so the show could go that route and make it believable. Max is a villain, he kills, he uses his power to control people like Superman. This guy controls Superman and uses him to hurt his best friend, Batman. Wonder Woman, she has no idea Max is doing this, but she is prepared to do what needs to be done, with a sword strapped to her hip, she goes hunting for Superman, determined to kill him. While she is following him however, she is led to Max’s lair where she discovers everything is his fault. So with her lasso, after beating up Superman to get to him, she asks him how to release his hold on Superman. Spoiler alert: the only way is to kill him. Wonder Woman snaps his neck without hesitating.

Look at that! Look at how well Wonder Woman would fit into the show. God, she would be so amazing, she would fit in perfectly and it would be a nice way to avoid bringing Superman into the show, just for a little while, and it would be a great way to really bring the Queen of Superheroes onto the small screen again.

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Also, Gina Carano would be the best person for the role, after seeing her as Angel Dust in Deadpool, I couldn’t love her any more for the role, and then there was that scene in Almost Human where she was in a black costume in what I believe to be J. J. Abrams making a point of showing not only Gina Carano’s feminity but also screaming that she IS Wonder Woman.

DC, CBS, CW, please please please, talk to Gina. Gina, please be Wonder Woman.


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