‘The Thirteenth Fairy’ by Melissa de la Cruz Cover Reveal

I’m a sucker for fairy tale retellings. I love them, simply put. And now Melissa de la Cruz is creating her own fairy tale series titled The Chronicles of Never After!

This is a new series directed at younger readers, but that is not going to stop me from reading it. After all I have read all Soman Chainani’s School for Good and Evil books and am eagerly awaiting the latest installment.

Age is just a number after all.

The first novel in Cruz’s series is titled The Thirteenth Fairy and goes on sale December 1, 2020. Her series has been described as “classic stories colliding with real-life.” If that does not already remind of me The 10th Kingdom I don’t know what will.

The first installment is said to be a spin on Sleeping Beauty. It “introduces Filomena, a girl in contemporary suburban California, as she encounters a hero from her favorite fantasy book series on the street who insists that she accompany him to the books’ magical world to help save the kingdom of Westphalia from an evil enchantress.”

Seriously, The 10th Kingdom.

Check out the full synopsis below and have a look at that wonderful cover.


Never After: The Thirteenth Fairy
By Melissa de la Cruz

Real-life and fairy tales collide in a new middle-grade series from #1 New York Times–bestselling author Melissa de la Cruz.

Nothing ever happens in Filomena Jefferson-Cho’s small California town. The sun shines every day, the grass is always green, and while her school swears there’s no bullying, she knows firsthand that isn’t true. But one day, when she’s walking home from her favorite bookstore on her own, something strange occurs.

Filomena is being followed by Jack Stalker, one of the heroes in the Thirteenth Fairy, a book series she loves. She must be dreaming or still reading. But Jack is insistent—he’s real, the stories are real, and Filomena must come at once!

Soon, she is thrust into a world of fairies, princesses, sorcerers, and slayers, where an evil queen drives her army to erase the Fairy tribes. To save the kingdom, Filomena must find the truth behind the tale of the Thirteenth Fairy before the cycle of destruction begins again.

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