Review of ‘A Werewolf in Riverdale’ (Archie Horror #1)

A Werewolf in Riverdale
A Werewolf in Riverdale by Caleb Roehrig
Scholastic Inc.
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A Werewolf in Riverdale was a great novel. Fans of Archie comics and Riverdale will love this blend of the macabre with the quirky gang who band together to take down a werewolf…who just so happens to be one of their best friends. Loosely based on the comic series Jughead: The Hunger, A Werewolf in Riverdale features many of the elements that make that comic series a hit. However, Roehrig does an even better job of taking that comic, deconstructing it, and making it something new and different. Furthermore, it works brilliantly

The tension in the novel is masterful, drawing the reader into the story with ease. Sure, Roehrig reveals the werewolf identity early on but there is something else lingering within the confines of the story. It is a brilliant plot twist that takes the reader by surprise, adding more tension to the story, and gripping the reader. These are all characters that fans are familiar with brought to life in a different way to make for compelling character dynamics and increased tension, driving the plot forward brilliantly.

Roehrig even manages to bring to life the atmosphere with clear, detailed writing, and uneasy narratives that give life to the horror that lies within the pages. He paints the image perfectly, creating an incredible scene to draw the reader in, and he manages to keep it up. There is brilliant detail to keep the story alive, allowing the reader to use their imaginations wonderfully.

Final Thoughts

A Werewolf in Riverdale is a great novel that is chilling, action-packed, and will make the reader bloodthirsty for more.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

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Product Details:

Pub Date: April 7, 2020

Page count: 320pp

Age Range: 14 & Over

ISBN: 978-1-3385-6912-4

Publisher: Scholastic Inc.

List Price: $9.99

A Werewolf in Riverdale


Writing Quality


Character Development


"Couldn't Put It Down"-ness


Intellectual Depth





  • Great tension
  • Amazing rendition of Archie comics
  • Great characterization


  • Werewolf identity revealed early on.
  • Lacking Veronica (only bad if you're a Veronica fan.)

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