Blood Hunger: Chapter Twenty-Five

Selene tried not to scratch the scab on the left side of her back. It was hard to walk around, fighting the urge not to look like a deranged woman attacking her back at something that shouldn’t, by law, be there. Her parents would disapprove, but they would applaud her ingenuity. They always did in the end.

Selene peeked around the corner to see if anyone was around. From all ends, it appeared that she was alone. That being the case, Selene leaned against a statue and “discreetly” scratched the itch on her back.

A pair of feet echoed down the hall, jerking Selene out of her stupor quick enough for her to launch her body into the middle of the hall. Down the hall was Urit, her hair billowing behind her, the diamonds woven in sparking in the light. As she approached Selene, her smile widened and faltered simultaneously. Selene smiled at her.

“Hello, Urit, is something on your mind?”

“No, it’s nothing. I heard about one of the Shadowlings that helped save you was a First One. Is that correct?”

“Huh, oh yeah, Negal, that was her name. Her and another one. The rest were trying to kill us.” Selene tried to laugh it off as though it was a daily occurrence, but there was no heart in it. What escaped her lips was some feeble cousin of a laugh.

“How fickle fate can be.” Selene could tell that Urit knew more than she was letting on. “And the Vampyre King is coming for you, correct?” Selene nodded. “As long as you stay here, you’ll be safe.” Her smile brightened, and she wrapped her arm around Selene’s, pulling her along.

“So enough about such dismal things. I’m off to see my brother. Would you care to join me?”

“I was actually going that way myself.”

“Brilliant! You know, my brother fancies you. He covers it by complimenting your fighting skills, but I see through that.”

Selene laughed, almost forgetting the discussion second earlier. Selene was still unsettled despite her laughter, and the feeling grew while she listened to Urit talk. Suddenly Selene no longer wanted to see Uriel. All she wanted to do was lock herself in her room and unravel the mystery behind all the looks and whispers. Especially those where Eris was concerned.

The change in her brother was so subtle that only she noticed it. What happened to her carefree womanizing egotistic brother? Her brother, who was constantly toying with his gift and ignoring the feelings of everyone else, herself excluded. She first noticed the change when he met Nivette. The way he spoke of her, the way he looked at her, it was unlike the lust he usually showed. In fact, those looks and the words from his mouth had depth. The change became more obvious when he met Azelia. As much as she hated to admit it, she was a bit jealous of the way he cared for her.

Selene heard the Reborns mutter when they thought she wasn’t paying attention. She heard people murmur about “Nuri’s Shadow” and “Azelia’s love”.  She even heard people call her brother Shadowling, which was absurd. His mother was a Witch, his father a Reborn, and his eyes were a brilliant jade green versus the ominous black and red of the Shadowlings. His skin glistened in the sunlight like any other living creature. Eris was no Shadowling

Shaking away the thoughts of her brother being a Shadowling, she allowed her mind to jump back into the forefront of her mind, regaining familiarity with her body and the world around her. Urit was still talking about her travels on the ocean and the worlds beyond. Of the people she encountered and the Reborns. Selene was thankful for Urit’s incessant talking; it meant she could think about other things.

Pay attention. Selene shook the Goddess’ voice away. Every time she heard her, a piece of her thought that she was going insane. Just when she thought she would chastise her, Uriel came along and smiled and charmed her. A beautiful smile that astounded her. He made her feel much like Pietro did. But he was a royal Reborn, and such fanciful thoughts were better left unsaid.

“Well, I can see your rune is healing quite nicely.”

“Must you, Uriel? It’s technically forbidden for me to have more than one let alone four more. No need to broadcast it for all to hear.”

Uriel laughed. “My apologies Selene, but don’t fret yourself. Only Kyra or Larkin would be a threat, and Naavah would never let any harm come to you.”

“Thank the heavens for that. Is Anita here by any chance?”

“You just missed her. She was passing through, looking for you. I believe you have coerced her into helping you break the rules more.”

“I used no type of coercion…I simply preyed on her curiosity.” They all laughed, and Selene searched her thoughts for her cat Ultima, who was officially her familiar as of this moment. Selene smiled, knowing her cat was sleeping soundly, and felt terrible waking her.

I’ll give you a special treat, Ultima, forgive me, but I need you to go find Anita. I need to speak with her.

Ultima purred and yawned. It’s fine. Ultima, go find friend. In room?

Selene took a moment to think. No, the observatory. I’ll give you a sweet treat and devote all later attention to you.

Ultima’s purr echoed in her mind, tickling her thoughts. Cats were such devoted and loving creatures; her Ultima was a good darling kitty.

“Selene would you like to spar,” asked Uriel, holding out his hand.

“Very well, I can find Anita later.” She picked up a sword, tested its weight, and, finding it sufficient, grinned as she grasped his hand.


Selene met Anita in the observatory, stroking Ultima’s multi-colored fur and finding her bent down. Sensing her presence, Ultima ran to her, jumping into her arms. Anita smiled up at her.

“Since when have you had a familiar?”

Selene shrugged. “A week or two now, I’m not really keeping track.” She moved Ultima onto her other shoulder. “I was looking for you earlier.”

“And I was searching for you. I wanted to let you know I’m ready to perform your ceremony. I have all the supplies. Kyra won’t be in the palace tonight. She said something about needing to visit her sister. Larkin isn’t really a threat without her, so I was thinking that tonight we could use the ceremony chamber.”

Selene took a moment to think about the risks. “Are you sure Kyra will be out?”

“I’ve seen it, actually. Don’t worry, I wouldn’t suggest it if I wasn’t sure. Do you think Eris will be free tonight? I’ve noticed he’s been spending a lot of time with Azelia.”

“Aye, that he is.  I like that, though. Somehow, she has turned out to be very good for him. He’s different than he used to be.  In regards to women anyway.” She laughed and leaned against the stone walls. She was surprised to see Anita not laughing. Not even a smile cracked her stony face. Fear washed over Selene.

“Anita? What are you hiding?”

“That’s the problem, I wish I was hiding something, Selene. I keep trying to look into your future and that of your brother, but Selene, I see nothing. Not even a minute into the future. All I see is…nothingness. I don’t know what to make of it.”

“It’s probably nothing. I don’t need another ill omen.” Selene tried to ease her spirit, but the attempt was unsuccessful. Something wasn’t right. A voice that didn’t belong to the Goddess drove her to the Library, forcing her to give Anita a half-hearted goodbye. Something was egging her on, whispering in her head to look into “Nuri’s Shadow” and Azelia’s past.

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Blood Hunger (Eclipsing Trilogy, #1)

Blood Hunger: Prologue

Eris and Selene Sintas thought their menial Witching lives were simple. That was until the magical barrier protecting their small town vanished in the night, attracting not just the Vampyre’s that go bump in the night. Suddenly, the two siblings discover that they have been dragged into a war between the sisters of light and darkness.

Now, hunted by creatures stronger than Vampyre’s and far more evil, the Sintas Siblings must find refuge before they lose their souls to the Goddess of Darkness.

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