Review of ‘King of Fools’

King of Fools follows Enne and Levi deeper into the Game of Shadows in this thrilling sequel to Ace of Shades.

A thrilling sequel, King of Fools changes the character dynamics by allowing Enne to begin her journey into her villain era.

Complex Characters

King of Fools picks up where Ace of Shades left off, with Levi and Enne on the run from the shadow game. Enne had murdered two men to protect Levi, beginning her journey into darkness.

Beholden to Vianca, angry that birth her birth mother and foster mother were murdered by the shadow game, Enne seeks to destroy the whole twisted system or, at the very least, break it.

Alongside Lola, a blood gazer, and Grace, a counter, they map out a scene that will make them money and change the city’s system of sin. And considering that Enne can make volts, it should be an easy plan. Of course, nothing goes the way it should.

Prim and proper, Enne begins her fantastic journey into her villain era. I love the slow shit of her character. All her rage is simmering beneath the surface, proving she is formidable.

I love the idea of this girl who came from a prep school to learn to be a lady becoming this formidable villain.

Then, there is Levi and his own journey. In the previous novel, he was on this quest for power, no matter the cost. Equally beholden to VIanca, he is caught between a rock and a hard place. But slowly, his eyes open to the pain he has caused. It began in the previous novel, after he almost died when challenged for power. But now, in King of Fools, he slowly begins to understand the consequences of his actions.

It is a moving journey, highlighted by the added POV of Jac, a boy he had saved from a drug den, only to send him back into the temptation.

The inner turmoil he suffers gives his character more depth, which he lacked in the previous novel. He comes to terms with his actions, and his effort to break the system and be a better person makes his journey worth reading.


What is also impressive are the character dynamics.

I love how Lola and Grace each started their relationship with Enne by threatening her life. But here, throughout the novel, they form a sisterhood,

I love how the ladies are so different and so dangerous. I also think it’s hilarious that Enne teaches them to embrace their feminity to make them even more dangerous.

It’s not so much funny that she’s doing it but rather how she does it. The interaction between the girls who are forced to learn to be proper ladies for their con makes the reader laugh because of their personalities.

Sometimes, their personalities clash, but overall, they balance one another out perfectly.

And, of course, Levi and JAc. These two boys care deeply about one another, making the ending heartbreaking. The reader sees the love these two have for one another, and it gives the characters, as stated above, more depth.

Final Thoughts

King of Fools was terrific, and, you know, I am so ready for Enne to enter her villain era.

Rating: 3 out of 5.

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