Character Transfers Coming To SWTOR This Summer

By: Darryl Kaye   (@DarrylGU) BioWare has revealed that a full-on character transfer service will be introduced to Star Wars: The Old Republic at some point throughout the summer months. The news came in a recent Q&A, which was part of a community exercise. In it, Dallas Dickinson, the senior producer for live services said “We will be rolling out our Character Transfer Service in early summer. First we’ll have some targeted free transfers from/to specific servers, but that will be followed with []

Mortal Kombat Vita Female Skins Trailer [HD]

I’m 20, so yeah that’s not old, but in video game years, considering I have been playing Mortal Kombat titles on my Sega Genesis and PlayStation 1, it’s kind of old (wow, that is a weird thought).  So the fact that they are allowing old skins for the females in the PS Vita.  They are amazing! I mean don’t get me wrong, I like the new outfits, but the bathing suit costumes are sexy without being slutty.  Come on, you have to []

Taeyang is a frugal spender [NEWS]

Big Bang‘s Taeyang is frugal when it comes to spending. On the April 20th episode of SBS ‘GO Show‘, Big Bang member Seungri remarked, “The only thing charged on Taeyang’s credit card last month was his cell phone fee,” exposing Taeyang’s penny-pinching lifestyle. “I got my credit card bill one morning and I was really surprised to see I was only charged 1,000 KRW (less than $1 USD),” Taeyang explained. “It was a fee they charged after I applied for a new []

Go Show’s Go Hyunjung captivated by T.O.P? [NEWS]

BLOGGER NOTE: It’s T.O.P, can we blame anyone for not being captivated by him?  He’s a gorgeous god!  Simply voicing my opinion.  He should also wear less clothes…hehehe. Big Bang’s TOP captivated Go Hyunjung? TOP, who is “#1 man who noonas want to date,” featured as the third guest on SBS “GO Show.” On “GO Show,” TOP was able to capture the heart of Go Hyunjung, showing off his special ability. In this broadcast, TOP sat on Go Hyunjung’s lap as soon []

U-KISS 6th Mini Album Teaser

Do you know how excited I am about this!!! I mean I am so freaking excited! Not as excited as I was For Big Bang of course (probably not going to pre-order the CD the moment it becomes available), but I am still very excited! I hope any U-KISS fans out there are as excited as I am, check it out!