Character Transfers Coming To SWTOR This Summer

By: Darryl Kaye   (@DarrylGU)

Character Transfers Coming To SWTOR This Summer

BioWare has revealed that a full-on character transfer service will be introduced to Star Wars: The Old Republic at some point throughout the summer months.

The news came in a recent Q&A, which was part of a community exercise. In it, Dallas Dickinson, the senior producer for live services said “We will be rolling out our Character Transfer Service in early summer. First we’ll have some targeted free transfers from/to specific servers, but that will be followed with a broader system where you can either take advantage of free promotional transfers to specific servers or paid transfers to the server of your choice.”

Dickinson went on to state that more information would be revealed closer to the service’s launch: “We know everyone has more questions about character transfer, and we’ll reveal more details closer to the launch date.”

This will come as good news for people who’ve been stuck on a specific server and can’t play with their friends. For many, this is a service which can’t come soon enough.

SOURCE: SWTOR Official Site & Gaming Union

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